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And Then I Wrote...
An annual post.  Just so you know I'm alive.  Have succumbed to being a real person on facebook.  But I still occasionally hang around here.
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Just a line to keep it real.
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Just a line to let all know I'm still alive.
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Just thought I'd throw something in here for 2007... just to keep the site alive.

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Haven't written in a while... what else is new? Life has taken me other directions. At my ripe old age I'm now being overpaid to create web sites and online stores for business sites. Don't really know how I ended up doing this for money, but there you are.

Beth is now making more than enough to support us both working from home for the New Orleans Convention Vistor's Bureau, but I still keep my hand in for the extras we need.

Had a friend over last summer that I hadn't seen since college (that was during the Punic Wars) and we had a lot of catching up to do.  Turns out he only lives about 40 minutes from us.  He very well may have been my closest friend during college years, but we quickly lost touch as we headed in different directions in order to change the world.  Now it turns out we're both taking care of other peoples computer systems.  Amazing.

That's all for now.  Talk a you in another few months or so 
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The writer must be four people:

1) the nut, the obsédé
2) the moron
3) the stylist
4) the critic

1) supplies the material
2) lets it come out
3) is taste
4) is intelligence

A great writer has all 4 – but you can still be a good writer with only 1) and 2); they're most important.
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Didn't make it quite a year without posting, but did want you all to know that I'm still alive. Livejournal just hasn't been on my agenda this past year, but I'm going to try to spend some time catching up on friends lists, etc. Hope everyone has had a good summer so far.

Current Location: East Hampton, NY

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Back in the 60's, I played keyboards in a Rock band called The Emperors. That's me wearing the sunglasses on the left - a habit I'm still known for today. I really have no idea what happened to the other guys (other than our drummer serving time on a drug bust). Ah, those were the good old days.

Post Card mailed throughout the midwest - mostly to college fraternities - circa 1966-67

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Yep, I'm still around and I'm reading my friends stuff... just haven't had time to comment or update the old journal much. Didn't want you to think I had kicked the bucket.
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Just a quick note to let you know I'm alive and well. Getting spring fever (it snowed here on the first day of spring). Becoming more and more of a techy at my new job. Have numerous small cuts on my fingers from digging inside old PC's for spare parts. Haven't done that in ages, but there is something reassuring about getting back to your roots.
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New job is working out pretty well. I'm probably a little over my head, but so far everyone has been nice. Work out of a building that two other consultant's and I (and the company owner) support as well as supporting 2 satellite offices in nearby towns.

We also have individual clients that we support via the internet and (if necessary) on site. The other two consultant's are more than half my age, twice as quick and know probably 3 times as much as me, but I'm hanging in there.

The owner of the firm invited me to lunch today for a working discussion. Don't know if that is good or bad, but, all in all, this seems to have been a positive move.
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I gave 2 weeks notice today. Will start a new job with a computer support consulting firm. Just couldn't stand the administrative/secretarial work that I've had to do for the last year. It's about a 15% increase in pay and it's in my area of expertise... I hope ;) But I've been miserable where I've been (perhaps more on that at a later date) and, while it may be out of the frying pan, etc., I just can't believe I'll be as miserable.

I'll keep us posted.

Current Mood: excited excited

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This is how it looked in back of my house the December 25, 2004.

Christmas Day

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Just in case you wanted to know...

Popular interests among cg07446's friends
1. reading (7) 11. photography (4)
2. music (6) 12. philosophy (4)
3. writing (5) 13. wine (4)
4. history (5) 14. poetry (4)
5. movies (5) 15. politics (4)
6. computers (5) 16. singing (3)
7. cooking (4) 17. travel (3)
8. nature (4) 18. science (3)
9. literature (4) 19. outdoors (3)
10. shakespeare (4) 20. mountains (3)
Interests gestalt
My most interesting friend is blogus who has 13 of these interests,
followed by patricks (12), shesingsnow (10) and greencow (9).
Normality Index
My friends are 71.69% normal.
Analyze me !
Popular interests created by _imran_
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As I was heading to the Volunteers tent at Shinnecock at the too early time of 6:45 a.m., who should be teeing off but one Eldridge (Tiger) Woods. Using what I took to be a 3-wood, he sliced two shots into the hay-like rough. There were no spotters at this early hour, so a couple of Volunteers (myself included) helped him and his caddy look for the ball. No luck. He actually took about 3 minutes to scourer the area, before looking none too happy and saying, "Thanks guys, I'll just drop one in the fairway." Having injured his wrist here trying to hit out of the fescue the last time he was here, I'd drop one in the fairway if I were him, too.
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I was researching some information on my own background for one of my private entries (yeah, I post privately) and decided to search the web for an old (and all too brief) flame from college, Julie McWhirter. Julie left college early to pursue a voice and acting career in Hollywood. She actually had a pretty good career and still works doing the voices of such animated characters as Flintstone's neighbor, Betty Rubble.

What I found was that she is married to Rick Dees. In the back of my mind I knew the name, but couldn't quite place it. After a little more research I confirmed that an old flame of mine was actually married to the disk jockey that created "Disco Duck."

I just don't know quite what to make of that.
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2 weeks, South Beach, 10 Pounds.

Beth in Dallas after braving drive to Connecticut, then to NYC then flight from JFK in snow/ice/rain storm

Hate new job, but "it's a living." A dBase job interview on Wednesday. Too SQL for me I think.

Took a an Open Competition (OC) civil service test last Saturday in Riverhead; PC Technician. Not hard, but I was surprised by how many finished before me. Thought I knew a thing or two. Maybe not. Government wierd.

And wouldn't it be weird if a libertarian such as I ended up with Government benefits? Oh well, any handout in a storm.

Will update again when I can drink more.
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Yeah, I'm posting this like everyone else.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.
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Gee Whiz! Didn't anyone want to here me SING? It really wasn't THAT bad!
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46K 0:14
(no transcription available)
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